Colten Jay; A Birth Story ♥️

On August 25, I woke up, got the kids to school, took my special presurgery shower, packed my bag, left my 2 year old with my mom, and was on my way to the hospital. 🤗

It was finally the day I had been waiting for for 9 months. Or 39 weeks to be exact. Although I was hoping to go into labor before my scheduled cesarean, going on a planned day was so much easier. And better for me.

I’ve never felt so nervous. This was my 4th c-section, yet I was so worried about so many things going wrong. I probably cried 5 times just on the way there, thinking about dying and Roczen not even remembering me. Or my older kids only remembering me being mean. And making Mitch promise to at least wait a good amount of time before he remarries. Those pregnancy hormones, man.<
e arrive at the hospital and the front desk is like use that special labor and delivery phone to call up and tell them your here

Uh, hi, I’m here to have my baby via c-section?

They take us back to triage where they start my IV, thank goodness because I’ve never been so thirsty in my life, and hook me up to the contraction monitors. The nurse is like “whoa, do you feel that contraction, that looks likes a good one?” I feel my belly tightening but it doesn’t hurt, just uncomfortable.

They have you arrive 2 hours before your surgery time, it seems like a long time but it’s a lot of waiting and feeling anxious. Meeting with anesthesiologists, your nurses, your doctors, the lab doing blood work, letting family and friends know when they can come, asking them to not be waiting at the hospital, you know in case I die. (Seriously, this thought was in my head too much)

They take me back to the OR where I get my spinal from the best anesthesiologist ever. Almost zero pain from the YUUUUGE SHOT and very minimal nausea, but caught soon enough I felt amazing through the whole birth. Once everything is good to go, they bring Mitch in. I’m like do you have the camera or our phones? And he’s all it’s not time yet. My amazing dr( dr Pritchard at valley women) asks for the time. 11:14. And they start.

It’s such a weird pulling and tugging feeling. I’m making weird faces because it feels so rough, Mitch is worried because my faces lol. It doesn’t hurt at all. I’m numb from my chest down.

Omg, I can see his hair through her uterus!

And then crying. 11:18 and Colten was born. 4 minutes after they started, I could hear my baby, such a good crier. Lol and then I could see him. I’m telling Mitch to take pictures because I can’t hold him and I can’t see him where they take him to evaluate him. And he can’t figure out my iPhone. Like seriously. It’s a camera. You push the circle. He almost missed those money shots!!

He’s perfect. 8 pounds 9 ounces, 20 inches. Our biggest chunkiest baby yet!!

After about 10 minutes, they bring him to me and I can hold him and snuggle him with skin to skin bonding time while they’re finishing closing me up. My doctor comes and talks to me and tells me that my uterus was so thin that if I had labored on it, my uterus more than likely would have ruptured. All that time I was praying and hoping I’d go into labor early, I’m so happy that I didn’t.

They sent me to the recovery room. But after waiting there forever, longer than the hour they monitor you, they tell us all the rooms are full and we’re waiting for a discharge so we can have a room. But it was totally okay. I didn’t mind. Except that it was public not private area and employees were constantly walking through. Didn’t even care though. Mostly. Because the baby was finally here.

Got to our room around 3 ish maybe and was finally able to relax and enjoy being with our new baby and having our kids meet him. ♥️

Recovery the first 24 hours was so easy. No pain. I was up and walking. Not the second night though. The pain train hit and I was regretting thinking I don’t need the heavy pain meds every 4 hours, I can wait 6. I’m not as tough as I want to be. Haha

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