Dear Colt;

I remember our drive to the hospital so clear. Listening to Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do. Talking about what we think you’ll look like, if since you had used my insides as your personal dojo that you would like me and would be a mama’s boy, if you would be as cute as the rest of our kids, if you’d be a good baby or would throw as a curveball and be colicky. I had so many emotions. But my main one was


I couldn’t wait to finally meet this sweet little spirit that I was so blessed to bring into this world.

When I first saw you, I think my exact response was

He IS cute ♥️😭

And you instantly knew and loved me.

Isn’t it crazy how newborns just know you and feel so instantly safe with you? My favorite feeling in the world.

Over the last year, you have grown so much. Like nearly tripled your birth weight

I’m still as equally tired. 😅

You have grown to love your siblings, especially Roczen, who you seem to constantly be in competition with for my attention.

Seeing you two together makes my heart swell! But, man, am I in trouble when you two start teaming up.

Do you know how much you’re loved?! Can you tell!?

In your first year…

  • You went to the beach at 3 weeks old
  • Road tripped to Montana for a white Christmas
  • Been to the water parks
  • Flew on a plane
  • Spent most weekends at the dirt bike track
  • Been to a super cross race
  • Hiked the superstitions. Kinda. Maybe a trail…

You have learned so much. Which goes without saying since you basically only know how to breathe and nurse when you’re born. BUT

  • You love Disney, mostly Mickey and those cute puppy dog pals.
  • Are dirt bike obsessed like your dad.
  • Enjoy being outside and playing in the dirt
  • Don’t like birds
  • Live for food. My little chubby butt.
  • Give the best squeeziest hugs ever
  • And give the sloppiest kisses
  • Like to wrestle your brothers and take all his toys
  • Love to smile and laugh
  • You climb on everything
  • The stairs are always your goal when the baby gate is left open
  • You won’t take a bottle and you think cups are funny toys
  • I’m your favorite person in the world
  • You want to be big so bad 😭

This year has flown by, but at the same time it’s hard to picture a time you weren’t a part of our family. Isn’t it weird how that works?? You have brought us all so much happiness and light into our lives. I love you so much Colten Jay! Happy Birthday.


The Table Saga…

When Colten was born (last August), we got rid of our table. I have bought it on Facebook for super cheap and decided to use chalk paint to spruce it up. Buuuuuut I never finished it all the way. With 3 heathens, I mean kids, not sealing a white table is the worst mistake you can ever make. Hence why it was thrown away. 11 months ago.

a few weeks back, I was sick of not having a table. Just plain over it. Yes, I went 10 months without a kitchen table. I found a table that was sufficient for FIFTEEN DOLLARS!! I proudly snatched that baby right up. Welp, Mitch hated it. It was too small and beat up. And we didn’t have any chairs for it. I found plans and bought all the supplies to build a super simple bench while Mitch was out of town. Mitch has this rule that I’m not allowed to use power tools. Not because he’s a dictator like I tell him, but because I’m a clumsy doof and what would my kids do with a mom with no fingers or hands?

No power tools, Ali

But he built my bench for me. We had seating! Lol

Mitch still hated it and I continued to look around for the perfect table. The only problem was… I don’t want to spend my mortgage on a table.

I don’t want to brag or anything but my husband is crazy talented. He sees these things all in his head and scribbles out a few drawings and can build things from scratch. Earlier this year he built us a headboard.

He said, “I think I’m going to try to build a kitchen table.” I was like yesss finally. He spent hours outside in the garage on some pretty hot Arizona days working on the table. Our neighbors would walk by and watch him to see what he was building this time.

I think it took him 3 days of nonstop work and he was officially done with the table. You wouldn’t think a lot of sanding is part of it. But holy cats! SO. MUCH. SANDING.

Mitch was no longer impressed with my simple bench. Haha He decided that he was going to build a bigger better bench. I was like “ya okay. My bench is awesome and it does what it’s supposed to do but you can try… ”


I’m super impressed. Like so impressed that this is probably the nicest thing in our house and Mitchell made it. With his own hands, sweat, and maybe a few tears? Maybe. We did buy the chairs new from American Furniture Warehouse. We’re not ready to commit to making chair just yet.

Oh! And in case you were wondering. Which I know you were…. we used the old $15 table legs to make a coffee table. Which is also a favorite in my house…I don’t think we’ve ever had a coffee table and I kinda love it! Also Colt’s as well.

I told him we’re starting an etsy shop, this just might be his ticket out of the industry he’s in. Just maybeeeeeeee 🤔