30 before 30 

This December I turn 29 years young. It’s my last birthday before I become “thirty, flirty and fun.” That’s a 13 going on 30 reference, bee tee dubs. 

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and for some reason a lot of people I know are turning the big 3-0. It may have to do with a lot of them being my high school friends or maybe I follow an older crowd. Idk. Anywhoosers, I’ve seen the 30 before 30 bucket list. I was like YASSS that’s perfect. Lately I have been feeling that the only thing that I have successfully done is become a mom. If someone is asking me what I do, I say “nothing, I’m just a mom.” The smart people know the perfect answer is ” moms aren’t nothing, you are not just a mom, you’re a cook, maid, launderer, chauffeur, referee, nurse, secretary, personal shopper, paparazzi”  and I thank them. The not so bright say “oh that’s cool” <insert eye roll.>
What I want to do is challenge myself to do AT LEAST 30 things I’ve never done before I become that number I keep repeating and making myself feel so old. I need to remember that I’m not just a mom and that I’m a person too. My needs and wants matter just as much as anyone else’s. maybe not as much as the kids’ but they do matter.

  1. Go on a sans kids vacation with my husband. I’m not talking about a overnight hotel stay, I’m talking about a weekend,or longer, of doing exactly what we want to do.
  2. Sky diving. That’s on everyones bucket list, but I can tell ya, I will more than likely have a heart attack on the way down, so I believe indoor similuated sky diving will work.
  3. Turn a hobby into something I can make money doing.  Photography, blogging, sewing, making shirts
  4. Learn to decorate cakes
  5. Make real “mom” friends that hang out all the time… Play dates, library dates, kid less brunch dates.
  6. Run a color run or a 5k or something along those lines.
  7. Grow a garden
  8. Watch all the Lord of the Rings without falling asleep
  9. Learn to scuba dive. Or snorkel. I’d totally settle for snorkeling
  10. Take Addisyn to see the Eiffel Tower. In Vegas. And act like I’m taking her to a different foreign land.
  11. Disneyland family vacation with Mitchell. (I’m hoping this happens next month but probably not, this year though) omg how cute would Roczen be proposing to the princesses?!
  12. Test drive a Ferrari. Without scratching it. Actually I’ll test passenger a Ferrari.
  13. I really want to see Rockefeller center at the Christmas time. I don’t know if that’s possible. But it’s on the list. Even just before I die list.
  14. Buffalo Wild Wings blazin wings challenge.
  15. Get a selfie with a famous person/celebrity
  17. Get a an updated family photo. Our current one is 2 years old.
  18. Watch Justin Bieber perform. Live. Once a belieber, always a belieber.
  19.  Ride in a hot air balloon
  20. Learn to snowboard. I live in Arizona. Very limited. Haha
  21. Be more patient. 
  22. Hold a fundraising event in honor of my cousin Peter and raise awareness of childhood cancer.
  23. Join a Coed softball team with the hubby.
  24. Take the kids camping in the dunes to ride their dirtbikes. (Borrow a side by side)
  25. Master the talent of clean eating and improve my cooking skills.
  26. Ride an elephant.
  27. Read all the Harry Potter books and then go to Harry Potter world.
  28. Take an art class. Or some kind of class to improve my skills I already have. Haha like nunchuck skills.
  29. Do a 365 day, photo a day project. I take pictures everyday. So that should be easy. Maybe. Idk
  30. Bring in 30 like it’s going out of style. Have my husband throw me a party. Really I’ll throw it but say he did it so I’m not lame.

Here’s to the last 15 months before I turn the age to end all young feelings I could possibly have. Haha jk

I’m going to be forever young. 

Addisyn got a puppy 

This Christmas my husband had a small lapse of judgement hanging out with his friends, and had agreed to let Addisyn pick out and bring home one of the new puppies.

Let me back track a bit. It was the middle of football season, or rather the games after thanksgiving. We were invited over to a friends house to watch the games, hang out, drink a little. For my hubby, a little turned into more than that. Our friends dog had just had puppies a few days prior. Addisyn and I were obsessed. I quickly got over my obsession since we already have a dog and 3 young kids!  Oh no. Somehow Addisyn got roped in, if she will call Jesse, Uncle Jesse, she can pick out her dog right now and take it home in a few weeks.  A hug and a huge THANK YOU UNCLE JESSE later, she, scratch that, I got a new puppy. She was out in the garage naming this cute little burden of fur! Sparkle spot. 


Over the next few weeks, we tried to think of ways that we could get out of bringing home this cute little ball of energy. NOTHING. Nothing we could think of would make us not seem like monsters, stepping on the heart of our animal loving baby girl. 

Christmas comes and goes, Addisyn has a countdown calendar for the day she gets to bring Sparkle home. Until we get the call, 11 days early, “Sparkle is ready for you, do you want to get her today?” I’m excited! Actually, really excited to go get this precious little puppy and have her waiting for baby girl after school. It was the best surprise ever!!!! 


 She has wiggled her way into my heart, I instantly fell in love with her. She fits right in with all of us and tolerates the baby constantly playing and petting her. Although I do not enjoy potty training and or crate training. I think she’s finally getting it. And I’m a proud puppy mama. Puppy Grandma if you ask Addisyn.

Hey, what’s up? Hello

The name’s Ali. Nice to meet ya! California born but Arizona raised. I LOVE it here! Any and every time we’ve tried to move away we have came back. By move away, I mean huge moves…we’ve done north western Wyoming; twice, and tried Billings, Montana for a year. BUT Arizona is and will always be home for us!

I’ve kinda become your typical stay at home mom. My kids have hostilely taken over my life and I’m perfectly happy with that. Other than that though, I’m a down to earth girl that like normal things; baking, Pinterest crafting (fails), Keeping up with the Kardashians, literally and the show, Starbucks runs, trying to get fit, shopping, home decorating, Netflix binging… You know, normal things. Most recently, I’ve gotten into photography. I’m teaching myself, just kinda going with the flow of it. It’s working out pretty well so far, if I say so myself. 🙂

My beautiful family being the perfect models

I’m married to the love of my life, Mitch, for nearly 8 years this June. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I can honestly say I’m one lucky woman to have a man that works as hard as he does so I can stay home with our 3 wonderful kids.

Tegan is 8. Our first born. The rule maker and follower. He’s just awesome! He makes me smile with his funny jokes and all his silly stories about nothingness. He’s your typical boy, riding bikes, running, video games, teasing his sister.
Addisyn is 6. She has the kindest and most creative spirit I’ve ever encountered. Always has a smile on her face. Her heart has room for everything, especially animals! Any and all animals. She can hang with the boys but still be the most girly girl while doing it!
Roczen (pronounced Roxin) is named after a pro motocross racer. And it definitely suits him. They are his favorite thing in the world. His first world was vroom vroom. With the throttle hand motions. He just turned 1 and is the baby. that pretty much sums him up. He has all of us wrapped around his little fingers.
Mitch has brought our family into the world of motocross where all 3 of the kids are obsessed. Yes, even the baby. Especially the baby.


Here, at my blog, I want to bring you into my life. My crazy, wonderful, busy life. Where I’ll tell you what’s on my mind, ramblings of a stay at home mom, if you will. Reviews of places and products. Stories of my family or places that will make you smile and or tug on your heart strings.
I hope you enjoy reading and interacting with me as much as I enjoy it with my favorite blogs! 🙂