I Am Back! 

I finally felt somewhat inspired to blog again. I apparently go through some phases. 😳 

I started this little pet project over a year ago and I wrote THREE (yes, only three) blogs. I was like “oh, I’ll just pick up from being MIA since finding out we were expecting” but my  last post was SEVEN MONTHS ago. Not discouraging at all, right?! Haha. Sooooooo…. I guess I’ve been a little more than just MIA but full blown just ghosted. But. I AM BACK!! 

I’m just going to pick up where I thought I left off… 

Sorry I’ve been MIA  so distanced from the blog world lately but my mind (and body) has been a little preoccupied. 

That’s right!! We’re expecting a 4th heathen precious little baby 💕 this time around, we’re not finding out the baby’s gender until delivery. I know!! Crazy, huh? I don’t know if I can do it, all these little cute girl clothes have me convinced it’s a girl or I’m just going to plan for one anyways. Our anatomy scan is next Friday, and if Mitch is out of town, I’m not sure I’m strong enough to go by myself and not find out. I am weak haha BUT I do have other theories of why it may be a girl based on wives tales 

  • Sweet vs Salty I crave fruit, starbursts, juice, chicken tenders, snow cones mostly sweet means girl 
  • Morning Sickness This pregnancy is the first pregnancy I was nauseous ALL DAY and threw up multiple times a day. Girl
  • Pregnancy Glow Um what is that?! My skin is dingy and broken out they say girls steal their mama’s looks
  • Moody vs Mellow I’m moody as all get out. Girl
  • Carrying High vs Low  it’s too soon to tell yet. I find the heartbeat down low? Boy 
  • The Ring Test Circle = girl; Back n forth = boy Boy
  • Heart rate last appointment 162 girl 
  • Chinese Gender Chart girl 

Seeeeeeeeeeee; mostly girl but we shall see in about 23.5 weeks. If I can hold out that long!! Any tips or ideas on to gender neutrally prepare for baby are welcome!

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