Addisyn got a puppy 

This Christmas my husband had a small lapse of judgement hanging out with his friends, and had agreed to let Addisyn pick out and bring home one of the new puppies.

Let me back track a bit. It was the middle of football season, or rather the games after thanksgiving. We were invited over to a friends house to watch the games, hang out, drink a little. For my hubby, a little turned into more than that. Our friends dog had just had puppies a few days prior. Addisyn and I were obsessed. I quickly got over my obsession since we already have a dog and 3 young kids!  Oh no. Somehow Addisyn got roped in, if she will call Jesse, Uncle Jesse, she can pick out her dog right now and take it home in a few weeks.  A hug and a huge THANK YOU UNCLE JESSE later, she, scratch that, I got a new puppy. She was out in the garage naming this cute little burden of fur! Sparkle spot. 


Over the next few weeks, we tried to think of ways that we could get out of bringing home this cute little ball of energy. NOTHING. Nothing we could think of would make us not seem like monsters, stepping on the heart of our animal loving baby girl. 

Christmas comes and goes, Addisyn has a countdown calendar for the day she gets to bring Sparkle home. Until we get the call, 11 days early, “Sparkle is ready for you, do you want to get her today?” I’m excited! Actually, really excited to go get this precious little puppy and have her waiting for baby girl after school. It was the best surprise ever!!!! 


 She has wiggled her way into my heart, I instantly fell in love with her. She fits right in with all of us and tolerates the baby constantly playing and petting her. Although I do not enjoy potty training and or crate training. I think she’s finally getting it. And I’m a proud puppy mama. Puppy Grandma if you ask Addisyn.

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